Rider review #01

GFORM Pro X Knee and Shin pad

“The Pro-X Knee-Shin Guards are built for the extreme athlete who needs it all. Our Pro-X Knee-Shin Guards are CE 1621 Level 1 certified, the highest standard for motorcycle armor. Forget about the hassle of separate knee and shin pads, Pro-X Knee-Shin Guards combine the articulation of our knee pad with integrated shin protection and lateral knee coverage. Sold in pairs.

• CE certified for motorcyclist/bicyclist limb protector (CE EN 1621-1:2012)
• Body-mapped, impact-absorbing RPT™ pads protect from impact at the knee and shin
• Moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ compression fabric keeps wearer dry and comfortable
• 2-panel design for second-skin fit
• Technical mesh back panel for breathability and moisture-wicking” – description text from GForm website.


Rider Review:

So I was at the Urban Sports week Amsterdam last weekend and when I was registering for the contests in Soul Cycle BMX shop I had a look around.  My current Gform knee pads had seen better days so decided I was going to treat myself to a fresh new pair. At the time I was wearing separate knee and shin pads (my shinnies are the FUSE protection whip pad) anyway I saw they had the full combined knee and shin pad in the Gform and have thought about getting them for a while so I did!  I handed over my €120 and went straight to the course to pad up!


After riding in these for 5 days solid, all day, I felt I can give a good review,  I rode skateparks,  concrete bowls, dirt and the streets so they got a good testing out.

Maybe you want to know why I bought this particular knee and shin protection over other brands or may be not but I’m going to tell you anyway.  Well,  I liked the fact that they were an all in one,  so easier and quicker to get on,  lets be honest they look pretty awesome and I didn’t want any Velcro straps around the backs of my legs,  they can sometimes rub if you have them on for long riding sessions.  Also these pads are a lot less bulky under your jeans and you don’t look like you’re wearing and full American football get up haha! plus they still give the protection I need.


They have a light material that breathes well and they stay in place, they have air holes so you don’t sweat as much,  and anyone who rides or lives in the same house as a rider,  the pads can seriously stink!  its not good.  These can last a few extra sessions before they will walk themselves to the washing machine!

Any negative points??

If I want to be really picky then the only negative would be that the shin guard could do with being slightly wider but apart from that they feel awesome and give me the full protection I need

Would I recommend these pads to other riders?  and the answer is definitely yes, I don’t like bulky knee pads its not comfortable when I’m riding so if you feel the same go get some of these.

I will let you all know how well they last before they start to maybe get baggy or loose or start to look worn so watch this space!




NEXT Blog: will be about my time at Urban Sports week in Amsterdam so thanks for reading and any thoughts please just comment below.  Peace out!


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