FISE Reims – This was the best moment in BMX to date……

So last weekend I set off with my girl to the FISE experience stop in Reims, France.  We drove down on the Friday taking the ferry over,  the best thing about driving was I got insured on my girlfriends BMW 1 series for the weekend so I could take us both in style haha! plus I don’t own a car at the minute.  So we arrived at the Complex René-Tys where they hold the contest and it was pissing it down and I missed practice so no riding for me that night.  We met up with everyone and went for some food.

We get to see a plan of the course before we arrive so have a rough idea of what it will be like but you don’t really know until you get on there and get a feel for the ramps, transitions and flow of the course,  I’ll be honest after first practice I thought the course was a bit boring so as always I message my mum and dad and tell them I don’t like the course much haha! (sometimes you get one that just feels right but not too often) but I have to figure out a way to use ALL of it creatively and different to the rest of the riders.   Practice went ok I figured out some lines and what tricks I wanted to so we went for food and a mess round in the Parc Leo Lagrange skatepark bowl outside the arena.

Qualifiers went pretty good and I qualified in to the finals sat in 3rd place.  For me 3 or 4th is a really good place to be sitting qualifiers because I know what I need to do the next day to bump my points up.  I sat that evening thinking about my runs and everyone else’s and what I could change to get that top spot,  I was gunning for 1st all weekend.

Finals days I got up had my pain au chocolate brekkie (athlete’s diet haha!)  went for a roll around in the public skatepark did my warm up just before finals.  Its filmed LIVE for SFR sport 3 channel in France and streamed LIVE on social media and YouTube as well.  We did the line up of the 12 riders in finals and Pierre the MC introduces us all to the crowds watching in the Arena and on TV then the first group hits the ramps.  There is always some insane riding going on.  I was in the last 4 riders group to ride and I literally just dropped in and went for it,  both runs were solid and clean, no mistakes and I was buzzing when I finished.  I never really know how the judging is going to go because I am not the type of rider who does massive backflip combos, which are sikkk but everyone is doing them.   So they announce the results in reverse order from 12 – 1,  they got down to 3rd and I was expecting my name, then 2nd and as soon as they announced it and I knew I had won,  I couldn’t stop shaking I was so happy and buzzing.  After all the official interviews and photos the first thing I always do is call my mum and dad up to speak to them about my runs and how I thought it went, they are always really supportive.  Yes I have podium before but the reason this one meant such a lot to me was FISE Reims was the first pro contest I finished in the Top 10 aged 17 and won my first every prize money cheque and I have competed every year since that, 2015 I finished 4th,  2016 I finished 2nd so this year I needed the WIN and YESSSSS I got it.  I’m still so stoked on it and will be for a while.


Thanks for reading!

My next contest blog post will be about Urban Sports Week in Amsterdam which I am currently at so come check it out in a few days! peace out!


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